Review: Don’t Tell a Soul & Dead Man’s Pop (DTAS tracks only)


Caveat: the lens here is through the mind of a 15-year-old girl in 1989, trapped inside the body of a middle-aged woman in 2019. They are the same person but not. We’re listening to a Spotify playlist that has each DTAS track placed one after the other, to aid direct comparison.  

Should I listen? Can I listen? Do I buy the box set? What if I get depressed (again)?


This new (old) mix lacks balls. I miss the punch and the crunch.

Parts of the Wallace mix sound very tentative, like a slow train. Also too precious.

Fuck you! “We’ll Inherit the Earth” is an ANTHEM. That soaring riff still makes me cry. A modern-day “Lark Ascending”? OK, I’m getting carried away…

“Asking Me Lies” ROLLS! There’s an interview with Paul or Keith Richards where they talk about songs that roll. This is most definitely one of them.

Sometimes the Wallace mixes seem too “cut and paste” (I’ll call it “intentional chaos”).

The man (Paul) can write a song!!!

I don’t like banjo.

Rock N Roll Ghost is to Paul what Rock N Roll Suicide was to Bowie.

Still Favorite Lines After All These Years

“I got my hands in my pockets, and I’m waitin’ for the day to come.”

“To the brown-eyed beholder, see the chip, on your shoulder…”

“I’ve been aching for a while now, friend, I’ve been achin’ hard for years.”

“Well the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting drunk…”

“Well I laughed, half the way to Tokyo. I dreamt I was Surfer Joe, and what that means I don’t know.”

“I wha wha wha wha wha won’t!”

“Five hundred midnight’s since have past, since I held you fast…”

The sarcastic laughter in RNRG.

Important Questions that Still Need Answers

Who’s playing harp? Paul or Slim or ???!

Who is the person in the cassette sleeve standing in the shadows, wearing fishnets?

What does L.L.Y.F.F. mean?

Why was this album hated so much?

Coming soon: a post about all the other crap that’s on Dead Man’s Pop (besides the Matt Wallace mixes). Thank you for reading and please comment below. 

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