A Fucking Fitting Tribute


Where the F have we been? 

It took a January 2018 ‘Mats tribute to finally bring us out of splendid isolation…

The tribute is part of the PRF Monthly Tribute Series, brought to you by an array of folks from the Premier Rock Forum ( hence, PRF). And while I could blather on about what the PRF is and does (or does not do), I’d rather just let the series (especially this one) speak for itself.

I’m partial to “Hey, At Least We’re Not Social Distortion” — this could have been an outtake from Paul’s 49:00… Of Your Time Life. Oh and “Wake Up” — more humor here.  And actually, the cover of “All Shook Down” just rocks, what a surprise!

Have a listen.

What’s your favorite track?

“Don’t tell a soul…”

Share your thoughts on The ’Mats.

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