You’re my favorite thing!

Teaser clip video released just before they launched their 2013 fest tour. 

What’s your favorite song by The ’Mats?

It’s not easy to choose, is it? There are so many good ones.

A great piece just came out from The Guardian, part of their “10 of the best” series. In it, writer Michael Hann chronologically lists his top 10 ’Mats songs.

“The Replacements were the band who should have been but never were. That doesn’t diminish the greatness of a group who captured being teenage in a way few others have managed,” says Hann in the introduction. I find his description of the band unique, “…who captured being teenage in a way few others have managed.” It’s a nuance many writers have missed—more accurate than calling the band “alcoholic boobs.” But, I’m biased.

At the top of the list, Hann puts Shiftless When Idle. Do you agree? I guess it kinda makes sense if you’re looking at the albums in the order they were released. It’s definitely an anthem, and the first example of Paul’s songwriting talent—what a fucking great title.

Later, Hann chooses Sixteen Blue over Unsatisfied, off the Mats’ epic Let It Be album. I love both songs, but have to agree—there’s something so honest about Sixteen Blue. It was the song I cried to at 16, after all (awww!). Though I have to disagree with his initial assessment that the majority of Let It Be is “by most rational standards, throwaway.” Hann then refutes this statement, calling “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out,” “Gary’s Got A Boner” and “Seen Your Video” as “somehow necessary.” He’s right—if you’re looking for a Mats album with filler, friends, try Pleased to Meet Me, in my humble opinion!

The list also touches on Tim, Pleased to Meet Me and ends with one song from Don’t Tell A Soul—Achin’ To Be. Nothing is included from All Shook Down (more on that in another post).

In the end, us music geeks could nitpick over what’s missing from this list, but I’ll stop there. What’s your ’Mats “10 of the Best”? Share in the comments!

Leah’s Top 10:

1. Johnny’s Gonna Die — that riff, that howl! A rock ballad on a “hardcore” album. Wow.
2. Within Your Reach — that drum machine, that flanged out, over-processed guitar. Always a favorite.
3. I Will Dare — a great way to start a record. Such a fun song. “Let’s count the rings, around my eyes!”
4. Favorite Thing — more of that wild abandon. Propulsive guitar, that chorus. The quintessential band song.
5. Androgynous/Sixteen Blue/Unsatisfied — like how I included those on one line?
6. Bastards of Young — “If willingness should claim us, you’ve got no word to name us.” Enough said.
7. Here Comes A Regular — just listen to the damn song. Sometimes I can’t, it’s just so beautiful.
8. Nightclub Jitters — totally unexpected jazz number. Great songwriting. That’s why the blog is named after it!
9. Can’t Hardly Wait — can’t NOT include this. I mean, it’s full of joy. Turn it up to 11!
10. Talent Show — another great album opener. Full of self-deprecating humor. Love it, especially live.

Read The Guardian story now.

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