Color us all obsessed

Have you seen Color Me Obsessed?

Well, if you haven’t:

    1. Stop what you’re doing!
    2. Read this post.
    3. Click the link at story end.

The 2011 documentary by Gorman Bechard is a “different sort of rockumentary.” There’s really no music in it, and no, it doesn’t feature cheesy-ass, repurposed clips. Rather, it tells the “potentially true story of the last best band” through the voices of their fans. And no, The ’Mats ain’t even in it.

Your first reaction may be, “wow, that’s lame.” But hold the phone! Instead, you’ll find that CMB proudly gives a middle finger to the standard music doc tropes. I saw the film as part of the 8th Annual Jackpot Records Music & Film Festival in 2011 at Portland’s Bagdad Theater and well, color me impressed (pun intended).

The best part — seeing your musical heroes wax poetic about The ’Mats. Take Steve Albini for example, or the late (and great) Tommy Erdelyi (Ramone). “I was very excited about working with them, I thought they were a fantastic act,” Ramone said in the unedited CMB interview. “I encouraged them to drink enough to loosen up a bit, but that’s it. We took it (making Tim) seriously, but loose.”

CMB includes interviews with newer musicians like Craig Finn of The Hold Steady and Colin Meloy of Portland’s own The Decemberists. And while I’m not a Decemberists fan—and just started listening to The Hold Steady this past year—it was cool to learn of our shared obsession with The Replacements.

So yeah, if you share this obsession, watch the full drunken version of Color Me Obsessed now.

Share your thoughts on The ’Mats.

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