Pleased to meet me (and you)


Don’t Tell a Soul 1991 tour t-shirt. Unwashed and slightly faded.

“The Replacements were my first rock show. That’s where I first learned how to have fun, how to drink. Thank you, Paul.”

“Well shit, don’t thank me for that!” he replied.

Laughter ensued. I asked Paul to sign my Don’t Tell A Soul t-shirt (unwashed since ’91). “You can sign it up here (on my chest) if you want, there’s not much there,” I quipped, pointing at my boobs (or lack thereof). More laughter.

“Oh c’mon, that’s not true, there’s definitely something there,” Paul replied. He ended up signing the bottom of the shirt.

I was so in awe. I still can’t remember if I hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, or what. And no, I still haven’t washed that t-shirt, and I don’t think I ever will.

I feel so lucky to have met Paul. It was during his Portland stint at the now closed Northwest Portland Music Millennium, for the Stereo/Mono record store tour (thank you Music Millennium!). Wearing some crazy ass spray painted suit, Paul played his fucking heart and soul out. It was magical. Almost as magical as that first show.

Before I “met” The Replacements, I was truly achin’ to be—a shy, scared, awkward teenage girl. That first show changed my life. I was no longer afraid to just fucking live.

Pleased to meet me (and you), indeed.

Paul Westerberg's signature on my t-shirt.

Paul Westerberg’s signature on my t-shirt.

Thanks again, Paul!

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