Takin’ a (wild) ride!

The ’Mats play Portland this Friday, April 10 at the Crystal Ballroom. Does it get any better than that?

Well, yeah… we here at Nightclub Jitters just learned over the weekend that the Young Fresh Fellows (YFF) will open The ’Mats Seattle and Portland gigs!

YFF’s ramshackle live shows remain legendary — kinda like some other band we know (when they weren’t falling over drunk). Click the above link to see a live YFF performance at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland from 1991, courtesy of Bohemia Afterdark. Sorry, when you click the link you’ll have to watch it directly on YouTube.

Paul Westerberg on YFF; “If you think we’re good, then they’re the best band in the world. They’re like the new NRBQ only sloppier.”

YFF’s first album was aptly named, “The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest: A Tonic of Tones to Pipe the Visitors Abroad.” It’s full of power-pop genius. However, their most well-known tune is probably “Amy Grant,” a tongue-in-cheek jam off 1987’s “Men Who Love Music”, poking fun at the Christian music artist.

“Among those inspired locally were the Young Fresh Fellows. The two groups became kindred spirits, toured together, and Replacements singer Paul Westerberg promoted the Fellows to the press more than his own group. The Fellows returned the favor, playing Westerberg’s wedding,” according to a recent story in the The Seattle Times by Charles R. Cross.

Read the latest: YFF’s take on opening for this week’s shows.

Get ready for a wild ride!


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